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Managed Services

Sales and Service


CompuCorp provides a full range of computer hardware, software and networking services.

We have developed our reputation by providing high quality hardware and software solutions, and we offer a complete menu of products services that include computer workstation and server sales, installation, repair, structured network cabling, LAN/WAN configuration, and consulting services.

We are both Microsoft and Novell certified for both workstation and server applications, and we are Cisco certified for our customer’s campus and Wide Area Networking needs.

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Internet Access

We represent SBC Ameritech, Time Warner Roadrunner, Broadwing, Nuvox, Sprint, MCI, XO, LDMI and most other major voice and data providers in central Ohio for DSL, T1 and DS3 service.


Website and Application Development

Our specialists can create a web site for your company or enhance your existing site so it will grab the attention of potential clients. We can also add a more secure e-commerce storefront to your present site creating a more protected customer on-line environment.


Security Assessment

Our consultants will complete a security analysis of your company and provide you with a comprehensive report and a detailed list of solutions.


Website and E-mail Hosting

We can host your web site and e-mail on a secure redundant multiple server environment located in a high-security network operations center, complete with battery and diesel generator backup. By utilizing bandwidth in bulk we are able to reduce your e-mail hosting costs.


On-line Backup

During a disaster, you won’t lose valuable customer data or financial records after we set up an automated secure on-line backup. The program operates several times a day safely archiving your data offsite where it will be protected from fire, theft and hardware failure.

Networking Services

Our technical staff provides configuration services for Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Wireless, Point to Point (wired or wireless) and Virtual Private Network Connectivity (VPN), including home or remote office workstation and server installations, as well as repair, network cabling and consulting services.


Computer Systems

You can select your server, workstation, desktop or notebook from major brands such as Toshiba, Hewlett Packard/Compaq, Sony, IBM, Lenovo and Dell, or we can build one to suit your special needs.



Our unlimited selections include Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Veritas and more.



We can meet any of your hardware needs from printers and scanners to switches and routers, just to name a few!


VoIP Telephony Solutions

We now install Voice over IP phone solutions.



The IT staff installs copper and fiber optic cable for voice and data. Our campus placements have included a wide range of solutions including wireless and low-cost local VDSL connectivity over existing telephone cable.