Barracuda Networks – Anti-Malware Technology


The Barracuda Networks anti-malware technology is built to solve the distinct needs of email and web security tools. Unlike standard antivirus technologies designed for desktop computer usage, Barracuda Networks cloud-based anti-malware technology is designed to add another layer and boost your security with these features:

Quick response time to malware and security threats.

Prioritizing fast-spreading malware issues.

End-to-end encryption through Barracuda Network.

Email continuity keeps messages coming and going even if servers go down.

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With its blend of technologies designed to meet specific criteria over SMTP and HTTP protocols, Barracuda Networks is able to provide the best available protection of its kind with Barracuda Email Security Gateway and Barracuda Web Security Gateway. Barracuda Networks also integrates these technologies into Barracuda SSL VPN, Barracuda Message Archiver, and Barracuda Web Application Firewall.

Barracuda Spam Firewall


Spam, malicious email and virus attacks are becoming more complex and refined. Without the right protection, your corporate email can become a virtual doorway, letting unwanted malware and spam in and sensitive information out. Barracuda is the industry leader in spam protection for businesses and can help your business deal accordingly with spam email.


The Barracuda Spam Firewall scans email and incoming file attachments using three layers of virus scanning technology. The firewall connects to the Barracuda Security Cloud for the most current protection against the latest threats coming via email. The firewall also checks for internally contaminated emailo prevent the spread of viruses that don’t enter through the email gateway.


The Barracuda Spam Firewall uses Barracuda Central to single out emails from known spammers and determines whether or not domains embedded within emails lead to well-known spam or malware sites. It also blocks attempts to embed text within an email.

Barracuda Web Security Gateway


With Barracuda Web Security Gateway, you’ll gain access to online applications and tools and prevent exposure to malware, lost user productivity and abused bandwidth. It’s a thorough solution for web security and management, combining award-winning protection from malware with a robust policy and reporting engine. The most up-to-date features make certain that organizations adjust as needed to newly surfacing requirements like social-network laws/regulation, remote filtering, and visibility into SSL-encrypted traffic.


Unlimited remote user licenses are included to ensure compliance with content and access policies for mobile and desktop devices that aren’t part of the corporate network. The Barracuda Web Security Gateway is also available as a virtual application.

Barracuda Email Security Gateway


The Barracuda Email Security Gateway manages and filters all incoming and outgoing email traffic to keep you safe from threats and data leaks resulting via email. The email security gateway does this with a few layers of defense:


  • The Gateway Defense Layer halts threats before they reach your email server


  • The Email Resiliency Layer guarantees email compliance and continuity with archiving and cloud-to-cloud backup/recoverybackup/recoveryy



  • The Fraud Protection Layer stops social engineering attacks with AI-based fraud detection and DMARC



  • The User Security Awareness Layer adds a “human firewall” with advanced phishing simulations and training




As a well-rounded email management solution, the Barracuda Email Security Gateway allows businesses to encrypt emails and use the cloud to their advantage for spooling email if mail servers become unavailable.


The Barracuda Email Security Gateway is offered without fees for each user or each feature and is also available as a virtual application or in a public cloud environment (Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).