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Many churches are reluctant to upgrade their technology or involve technology at all in their weekly church activities for various reasons. They might be fearful of upgrading an outdated technology, especially if it’s working for their current needs and they don’t feel they’re ready to keep up with the responsibilities of a newer technology. Some churches might also have concerns about having newer technology negatively affect their activities. However, churches that do update their technology are able to manage their church activities with ease (from keeping track of congregation directory information to doing taxes), which gives them the ability to even help them grow their congregation. And they’re able to easily and effectively deal with any technological failures that might come along, ranging from lost internet connections to power outages, and even malware attacks – all things that would negatively affect a church.



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We are devoted to keeping your organization on track with ever-evolving information technology landscape. We specialize in helping churches update their technology in a way that will be beneficial for their services, as well as their congregation. We’ll also address and fix any issues you might have with internet connectivity, hardware connectivity (computers, routers, printers, scanners, phones), software issues, server maintenance/backups, and security issues. We currently work with several churches and have seen many of their setups, so we know about the technological problems churches face. We’ll work with you and your church staff in order to meet your needs and desires. As your full-service IT department, our technological expertise is at your disposal. You can get started today by calling 614-401-8800, chatting with Mike in our pop-up chat, or contacting us below by sending us your email and business information. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

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