Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity

In June of 2001, Time Warner Communications selected CompuCorp as the preferred vendor for their Business Class Roadrunner router installations in Central Ohio. We are also one of the only authorized dealers for sales of Roadrunner Business Class services in Ohio.

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We also represent


SBC Ameritech, ICG, XO, Broadwing, LDMI, Nuvox, and most of the other major voice and data providers in Central Ohio for DSL, T1 and DS3 service, so we can find the appropriate service for our client’s Internet, VPN and WAN needs at the best price possible. We can provide a wide range of campus connectivity solutions including wireless and low cost local VDSL connectivity over existing telephone cable.


You can choose from a variety of telephony and Internet connectivity options that are available. We will show you how to leverage your voice and data lines to your best advantage, connect to the Internet faster and cheaper, and help you connect to remote offices.

There is a vast array of choices available with current technology including


  • Analog lines (POTS)


  • Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)


  • Cable modem connections


  • Leased lines (ISDN, DS1, DS3)


  • Wireless and satellite options


We understand the technology and we have many strategic partner alliances with both local and national vendors to help you be sure that you using the best connectivity for your corporate voice and data needs.

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Network Services


We offer technical support and consulting services for Servers, Workstations, Wide Area Networks, Local Area Networks, Virtual Private Networks and Internet connectivity.


LAN – Local Area Networking


Total network support including design, implementation, cabling, remote access, server administration and troubleshooting. We have certified technicians for Microsoft, Novell and Peer-to-Peer network systems.

WAN – Wide Area Networking


We can help you design, implement and support a distributed office structure into a seamlessly connected network environment. We can set up Virtual Private Networks to help you connect to the office from your home or from on the road. We can also deploy, administer and monitor your network remotely.

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