Microsoft 365 for Your Business

Productivity at Its Best

When it comes to workplace productivity software, the Microsoft Office suite is without a doubt the most common collection out there. Tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the rest of the suite provide tons of useful features to help keep your business running.


With MAXcloud, you get the full Microsoft Office 2016 suite included in your subscription at no extra cost. It’s fully licensed, and each end user has access to the full suite. You don’t need to worry about Microsoft audits or license renewals; we take care of everything for you.

Why Choose Windows 365 for Your SMB?

Streamlined IT Management

No more worries about server maintenance or data security. With Windows 365, your business data and applications are securely hosted in the cloud. Our cutting-edge security measures keep your data safe from threats, allowing you to focus on growth.


Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, Windows 365 empowers your team with the flexibility to access their desktop from any device with an internet connection. Work becomes seamless, whether it’s on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.



Forget the high upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining on-premises servers. Windows 365 offers predictable monthly pricing, allowing you to allocate resources efficiently and reduce overall IT expenses.



As your business grows, Windows 365 grows with you. Easily add or remove users, applications, and resources to match your evolving needs, all without the headache of traditional IT infrastructure.


Enhanced Productivity

With Windows 365, your team can collaborate effortlessly using familiar tools like Microsoft 365, Teams, and OneDrive. Real-time collaboration becomes a breeze, boosting your productivity and helping you stay competitive.

microsoft office 365 cloud based office suite

Experience the Future of SMB Computing with CompuCorp

Windows 365 is more than just an operating system; it’s a transformative solution that empowers your SMB to thrive in a digital world. Simplify IT management, enhance productivity, and reduce costs with a cloud-based desktop experience that adapts to your business needs.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize the way your SMB operates. Join the countless businesses that have already made the switch to Windows 365 and experience the benefits for yourself.

Ready to take your SMB to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about Windows 365 and how it can supercharge your business.