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Need technological help for your municipality?

We work with municipal or government clients for IT purposes. So call us!

Municipalities are increasingly having to evolve and become more reliant on digital technology and internet for their day-to-day government operations. They need to update their systems to keep pace with current technology. If they don’t, they risk falling behind and being exposed to technological failures, which can range from lost internet connections to power outages, and even malware attacks – all things that could bring a community or town/city to a halt.



Scale your municipal/government operations with our expertise in

Establishing IT services framework and IT security policies

Recruiting and directing IT staff members

Project management for technology

We’ll be your

Help desk

Virtual CIO

System Engineer

IT Dept

We’ll Keep You



Backed up


Here at CompuCorp

We specialize in helping municipalities stay up to date with current technology. We’ll also address and fix any issues you might have with internet connectivity, hardware connectivity (computers, routers, printers, scanners, phones), server maintenance/backups, and security issues. We work with several municipal entities and have seen many of their setups, so we know about the problems you’re facing. We’ll collaborate with you in order to meet your technological needs and desires. As your full-service IT department, our technological expertise is at your disposal. You can get started today by calling 614-401-8800, chatting with Mike in our pop-up chat, or contacting us below by sending us your email and business information. We’ll respond as soon as possible.

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