Structured Cabling


We offer complete certified wiring installation of inside, outdoor and underground cabling services including Cat 6 and Cat 6A network cable and fiber-optic cable. We pride ourselves on our work and no job is too big—or too small.


When structured cabling is done right, it’s neat and orderly and easy to follow. It not only resolves any issues your business is currently having, but it also addresses possible issues in the future by allowing for updates to be made to your network, computers and phones.


Benefits of Structured Cabling


  • Faster resolution if something breaks. There’s no need to untangle a nest of criss-crossed wires to see what the problem is.
  • Improved airflow to protect your hardware. Computers and other IT hardware get hot. If your equipment is covered by a mess of wires, it can overheat. That’s an expensive and unnecessary fix.
  • Enhanced flexibility and scalability. Structured cabling easily accommodates any changes, moves or additional hardware.


CompuCorp has experience with the following cable installations:


Cat 6


Cat 6 is the modern standard for Ethernet cables. It allows a bandwidth of up to 250 MHz and can easily transmit 1 Gbps network speeds. It can also handle up to 10 Gbps network speeds for a maximum of 55 meters (180 feet).


Cat 6A


An upgrade over Cat 6 cabling, Cat 6A performs at frequencies up to 500 MHz, can handle network speeds up to 10 Gbps for up to 100 meters (328 feet), and greatly reduces alien crosstalk compared to Cat 6.




Fiber-optic cables are designed for long-distance, high-performance data networking and telecommunications. They are comprised of glass-fiber tubes that transmit data via light. Fiber-optic cable far surpasses Cat 6A cabling in both bandwidth and network speeds.

Today’s applications require faster bandwidth. Free network assessment will determine if you are getting gigabit or better speeds.

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All wiring is tested and labeled as standard practice. We would love to build a custom quote for you!

Modern Network Cable (CAT6 ) can increase your speed by 10X