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IT Managed Services FAQs

What is IT Managed Services?

IT Managed Services is a monthly service partnership between your business and an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP). Your MSP acts as your professional, internal IT department. (Watch our video, “IT Managed Services: Do I need it?” for more information.)

When is IT Managed Services better for my business?

IT work is critical to your business. When you can afford only one IT support team member, it creates a liability. If that person resigns or is unable to come to work, your business is at risk. With IT Managed Services, you get a whole IT department with customer service representatives, system administrators & engineers, network administrators & engineers, project managers and more.

Should I get IT Managed Services if I don’t have a server?

These days, many companies choose to have cloud servers instead of on-premise servers. Cloud servers still require maintenance and repair. Since your physical office is connected to the internet, you need a network with strong security protection from threats. (Watch our “Am I ready for the Cloud?” video for more information.)

What does the onboarding process look like?

With CompuCorp, onboarding takes place over the first 90 days of your service with us. We come to your office and install our monitoring tools to ensure the fastest response time and the ability to find trends in your business using Network Monitoring services.

Is Antivirus Software included?

Antivirus software is necessary for any business (yes, even if you have Mac computers). CompuCorp has a few vendors that we recommend depending on your configuration. The licenses are included with our IT Managed Services. See what services are included here

Are Network Monitoring services included?

Yes, all of our IT Managed Services clients receive Network Monitoring services for two main reasons:

  1. We want to be alerted when something isn’t right. You’ll often notice when something in IT goes wrong. But sometimes it isn’t obvious to you or your staff. These alerts allow us to quickly respond to and correct those issues.
  2. We want to track trends. Our Network Monitoring software not only tracks issues in real time, but it also stores that information for a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views. Network Monitoring allows us to find patterns that appear abnormal and then we will investigate or make recommendations to you.

What about after-hours support needs?

Yes, we provide after-hour support services. You can open a ticket via our website (if you are able), and it will send text message notifications to our team on their mobile devices. We provide an on-call rotation for our team, and response times are included in our Service Level Agreement. (Watch “What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and why do I care?” video for more information.)

What is NOT included?

IT Managed Services is designed to move your IT budget to a flat rate each month. We base our rates on keeping your business technology operational. The only things that we charge extra for are travel fees for onsite support and IT Projects. The IT Projects are quoted to you from a Scope of Work. Additionally, we provide you with a Project Roadmap recommendation each year so you can forecast a year in advance. (Watch our video on “Why should I create an IT Project Road-map?” for more information.)

Can you support Apple Mac computers?

Absolutely! We are certified from Apple on Mac Integration. If you have a Windows Server but want to have Mac computers in your network, we can make sure that they use the same file storage drives, share the same printers, and are locked down and secured.